Remember this name: Trayvon Martin

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Today started off one way and ended another way. I have been upset since last Friday when the 911 tapes were released following the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

I had to write something even if only one other person learned about this travesty. I posted what I wrote on my personal BlogHer page and BlogHer featured my post, which is a big deal. Take a look at this link. Listen to the tapes and decide for yourself whether the shouts of the child for help sounds like Zimmerman is acting in self defense.

The important thing is I did something about what I was feeling. I added my voice to those who are demanding justice for the Martin family. What has this got to do with boomers or midlife? Well I have no need to be quiet.  In fact I feel compelled to speak out. I think this comes with the territory of “aging young.”

Late this evening I noticed the Florida State FBI has been called in to investigate the case. Maybe George Zimmerman will be arrested after all. But no matter, remember Trayvon Martin and his family. And tell me, do you think Zimmerman should be arrested.

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