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Insurance Covers 5 Sexual Health Procedures for Boomer Men

I was unaware that insurance companies cover 5 health procedures for men that mostly deal with their sexual health and their ability to engage in free sex.  But the way insurance companies approach women’s sexual health is completely different.   In fact in the wake of the administration’s recent concession to opposition the church will not [...]

Here’s the Best Reason to Edit Your Story.

  Yesterday I awakened to good news. I woke up. I am grateful for that. Then I read a blog post by Karen Walrond over at and learned I was the winner of the some super stuff like a camera, an Epiphanie Bag, a beautiful book inscribed by Karen.  Take a look at her site. She’s a [...]

A Chance to Win

Product Review My kitchen smells of apple mango tango, but nothing is cooking.  The washer and dryer sit in the room next to the kitchen. I have a load of wash going and I am using Apple Mango Tango from Gain’s  latest “I Love Gain” collection of products.   In the past I have had [...]