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How generational insights will help you build strategic alliances

Selling Across Generations Cam Marston says it faulty thinking to assume that what makes you interested in something makes me interested in something. And he has produced an informative video that unpacks this idea. Baby boomers, according to the 2010 Census, comprise half of the 308.7 million population and advertisers have taken note.  A recent [...]

Three things Tupac Shakur will not have to deal with as a boomer

    Yesterday was Tupac Shakur’s birthday, may he RIP on what would have been his 40 birthday. Given the Huffington Post’s new section aimed at baby boomers, Tupac would have been one of its youngest members. Can’t you just see ‘Pac, blue headband tied up front still keeping it real, tweefing (that’s tweeting and [...]

The Failure conversation

I have been working all day on a post about how failure helps you master your voice of authority.  I came across Margie Clayman’s post about the cult of failure. Her post references “Grow,” yet another  blog that generated  a lot of discussion on the topic of failing forward fast.  Since my post needs a [...]