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Patricia A. Patton

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Why not live your dreams? Here’s how you can start.

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  • #who wants what I have #indecision

    Who Wants What I Have: An Entrepreneur’s Short Story

      You’ve heard stories before about the limitations of indecision.Well perhaps one of you will encourage me or give me a heads up that will help me make a decision. Indecision breeds lots of things but my biggest fear is that it will paralyze me and lead me do nothing.I may well be suffering from [...]

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  • Do I Need Progressive Lenses To Up My Game

    **This post contains an affiliate link and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links I cannot read the computer without my glasses and to read at a distance, I need a different pair of glasses. So the official news that  Warby Parker Progressive Lenses are here is good news for me. Warby [...]

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  • #Charles Madison memorial garden #First harvest

    Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden Joins Important African American Gardens

    Every African American garden teaches a different lesson. But for me a garden says more about the faith of the gardener than the yield of the garden. The Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden in Columbus, Ohio  is one of the most recent gardens to join the list of important African American gardens to visit. Under the auspices [...]

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