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Patricia A. Patton

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  • #Sue Monk Kidd #The Invention of Wings

    3 Ways to Give Expression to What is Inside of You

      “What is my one true light,” Sue Monk Kidd asks herself in response to Oprah ‘s question in a Super Soul Sunday conversation. Every woman d’une certaine age  has given this some thought. I guess you probably already suspect that I enjoy these tete a tetes that Oprah holds with big thinkers.  But I [...]

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  • #PBS #promises kept #American promise

    One Boomer’s Take on the Lessons from “Promises Kept”

    After watching the PBS documentary American Promise, I had mixed feelings and wondered how others felt. For me it was both fascinating and emotional. The documentary covers a twelve year period in the lives of two young black boys attending the prestigious Dalton School.  The parents then wrote a book, Promises Kept,  that shared how [...]

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  • Baby boomer generation is the ideal customer

    Since people often do business with people they like, understanding how the various segments of the generations see themselves can help us communicate better. And given the higher earning power of Gen X 45-54 years old and Baby Boomers 55-64 years old,  I wonder whether you feel you should re-think your approach as a business person to [...]

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