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Patricia A. Patton

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Why not live your dreams? Here’s how you can start.

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  • #Germinating Sumter Cucumbers #seedlings

    A Beginners Guide to Germinating Seeds Indoors

    http:// About 5 years ago I started to try to grow food to eat. After the first year with small successes, I decided to start from seed indoors rather than buy starter plants. This little 47 second video captures the birth of a seed. Once I advanced from tomato plants to okra, squash, greens, and [...]

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  • #Facebook Group

    Why I Unsubscribed From Your Facebook Group

    (this post inspired by a Michael Hyatt post) I am a loyal person. In fact if there is any truth to common characteristics of astrological signs, then there is no surprise that loyalty figures prominently in my Sun sign. What holds true in my real life holds true for me online. I have joined several communities [...]

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  • An Eat to Live Recipe to Make Life Last

    Nothing beats an eat to live recipe when your stomach is growling. Yes, when it come to food, I am always thinking eat to live as an unspoken thought. It’s kind of an irritant because I love to eat, am clearly a foodie and love to experience food. But I don’t always make the best [...]

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