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Patricia A. Patton

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Why not live your dreams? Here’s how you can start.

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  • #Flawed but authentic #real talk

    The Realness of Life: Flawed but Authentic

    It’s Sunday, the day before my birthday. Blogher14 is over and I’m soon to take a flight out of San Francisco to head home. This flawed but authentic signage is from a project sponsored by Leah Peterson. I was captivated by this almost biblical declaration that seems appropriate for all time. I didn’t realize I [...]

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  • Is Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill of Interest to You

    There is no need to ask whether saving money on your grocery bill is of interest to you. I have a friend who has created a system for reducing your weekly grocery bill that will work for any size family. She has launched a challenge for new subscribers that could earn you $250.00. Take a [...]

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  • Why Twists and Turns Are to Be Expected in a Life Reimagined

    I just left SXSW V2V (South by Southwest Vision 2 Venture) Conference in Las Vegas. I know this title, “Vision to Venture” will ring a sweet bell for all of you dreamers, entrepreneurs, and maker types. One of the most interesting people I met and talk to was Jean Harrison, the Herd Manager at EasyKeeper, [...]

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